Sunday February 18 2018

Why you need to fence your farm

By Michael J. Ssali

A fence around a farm or any piece of land is always an indication that it is possessed property.
Someone or a group of people must have an interest in it and it must be the reason it is fenced off.
So it is prudent for a farmer to construct a fence around his or her land to give a sense of its ownership and to avoid any boundary disputes.
A strong fence around the farm can keep out intruders and thieves or stray animals.
Normally fences are made on the farm according to the agricultural activities that are carried out on it. For example, a farmer may put fences within the farm to separate crop fields from grazing land.
This kind of fencing is common for people who practice mixed farming. Fences may also be constructed to facilitate strip grazing.
The animals graze in an area for some weeks and then are transferred to another area where grass has been left to grow.
This prevents overgrazing. Fences may also be used to confine sick animals in a particular area so that they don’t transfer infections to healthy ones.
However the efficacy of a fence depends on the material used to construct it. Many farmers find it easier to use what is referred to as living fences.
They plant hedging shrubs like Lukoni and some other local plants around the plots.
If they are left to grow tall they act as effective windbreaks and can protect the farm against wind soil erosion.
Some well off farmers use living fences, barbed wire, chain link or wire mess, all of which are effective in the control of animals and keeping away intruders.
However barbed wire can be harmful to the animals since it is made to pierce and scratch the skin. With the help of electrical installation technicians, a farmer may construct a solar powered electric fence.
They are normally designed to give a shock but not to kill the animals, the thieves or intruders. With time the animals come to know them and to avoid brushing against them.