Saturday September 14 2013

Diary of a Working Married Mother: Good things at the Health camp

I had to be there for the Full Woman health camp last Saturday. Having attended most of the previous ones, I knew there would be a lot to learn. I was not disappointed.

One of the speakers I enjoyed listening to was the Minister of trade and industries, Amelia Kyambadde. It must be said that she took too long, an hour almost. What she spoke about was interesting though, her experience of not having lived with her mother. I liked how she gave tips about work and career. She asked women not to hate on each other and instead help one another rise. She also warned about moving from one job to the other too fast, not giving yourself time to settle so as to gain some experience, advice many young people could use.

The other speaker I enjoyed listening to was Dr Maggie Kigozi. She talked about money: How to save it, use it, and invest it. Some of her comments were interesting but noteworthy. She asked us if we could find places to stop spending with the cost of living going higher. If we are spending quite a bit on hair, to reduce on that. If it is luxurious items like clothes and shoes, to stop ourselves from over spending. It won’t kill us. I was also amused when she spoke about people going to meet her asking for help because they do not have enough money to invest and yet they have arrived in an Ipsum, dangling a smart phone and planning to meet up with a friend at one of the Javas restaurants. She tends to wonder if such people are broke because of the hard times or if they are simply not prioritising well.

I also liked the health talks. We were encouraged to have a pear-shaped body and not an apple-shaped one. We were given tips on how to give birth naturally with as little hassle as possible (although I do not plan on going down that road again). We were also given very helpful tips on what to plant in our backyards that is really healthy for us and that can help those recovering from certain illnesses.

I really enjoyed myself and plan to be there for the next ones. I suggest you do the same too.