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Single in the city :No Santa, this is not what I wanted

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By Single in the city :No Santa, this is not what I wanted

Posted  Saturday, December 28  2013 at  02:00

I am a terribly disappointed. Things did not work out quite how I expected them to this past week. It is almost the end of the season and I have not really met anyone new. That is if you do not count my new neighbour. And I am not counting him deliberately, he is a terrible let down, after all the fantasies I had looking at the empty house opposite mine and thinking of who will move in there. A girl, a single girl deserves a hot neighbour, especially if she cannot meet a hot man to save her life. Oh c’mon universe! Of all single young men in need of a bachelor’s way, you had to go get me this one? Not fair!

Since Bob, you remember him, the hot one who made it very clear he wanted to get into my pants, left for greener pastures outside the country; it has been a downward spiral. First the house was empty for like a month, then Bob’s big muscular rugby playing friend came to stay out the rent and also pack Bob’s things. I do not like the bulky types, but I was confident that in a short while he would be gone and then fate would deliver the epitome of virility I had wished for right next door. Well it did not, or Mother Nature and I have very different definitions of male virility.

Frankie is the one who moved in. A beautiful human being who would wake up and open the gate in the middle of the night without a complaint on the countless occasions I forgot my keys. But he was boring, so boring. He also had an annoying scrawny body, that he liked showing off by moving around in little else than a battered towel. If he wanted to borrow something, it was in that towel. If he wanted to come say hello, it was in that towel. I would not have minded if Bob walked around like that, in fact I could have paid him to, the man was formed like a Greek god, but this guy just grated my nerves with his one pack. I was glad to see Frankie go and thought surely after that punishment, I would get a new flirt worthy neighbour. I would shiver with delicious anticipation when I saw the lorry pull up in the compound.

My new neighbour is even more unappealing than the previous one. And He has this lascivious stare that is so disconcerting. He dropped in the other evening if you can call staying for a whole hour dropping it.I already do not like him.
Gosh, I am hoping he does not stay long. But knowing how fate has been enjoying tauting me, he just may decide this one is the best house he has ever had and stay for years!