Saturday May 31 2014

Diary of a working married mother> Worrying about tomorrow

Do you find yourself worrying about things that are yet to happen – quite distant in the future – but still you worry? Silly thing to do but some of us can hardly help it.

Next year, our younger daughter will begin nursery school. We look forward to that day although I am quite sure I will cry a little that morning, as I did when our first born started both nursery and primary.

My worry now is how we are going to do this school run thing. Mr and I always drive our older daughter to school and then the school van drops her back home in the evening. It has been like this for the past three and a half years.
We would like to keep the same schedule for the younger one. Most people think it should not be a hassle if we have the younger one do her kindergarten in the school our older girl is now in. That is indeed an option, only, we are not taking it.

We decided almost from day one, that the nursery school all our children will attend is the one fairly close to home. From the first day I visited it when I was school-hunting for the older girl, to her last day in Top class, I have loved the school, as has Mr. It really is a warm home, where children study.

The atmosphere is good, the teachers wonderful and responsible and the headmistress, nice but firm. She has no problem calling and insisting, in a stern tone to please teach the child your phone numbers, or to stop quarrelling with your spouse in front of the little one as he ends up reporting what you said to each other.

The school looks out for a child’s growth in all aspects of their life and involves the parents as much as possible. This is why we want the baby to study there and then move on to the school her sister is in for primary.

The problem is that the two are quite a distance apart. They are both not too far from home; the nursery is about two kilometres away and the primary school about seven.
But, one is east from home, and the other west. Secondly the roads leading to each can get really nasty regardless of the weather, lots of dust at one point, and then lots of mud at another. I just keep trying to figure out how we are going to do this and manage to be at work by 8.30am.

It is eight months away but the way I am worried about it, you would think we were starting soon. I need to loosen up, don’t I?