Friday March 21 2014

Editorial: Make no apologies for who you want to be

Our story last week drew a lot of attention, with a lady or two (or maybe more) arguing that a story on what women do that irritates medics was no different from one on what women do that gets them raped.

Fortunately, there were more women that seemed to get the sense in the story; the ones who appreciated that the important thing is doing whatever little that can be done to save a life, whether it is by the medics, or by the patient.

It would, therefore, be more useful to me than the medical worker if, when I go to seek their help, I know not to wear dirty underwear because it should apparently not determine the quality of health care I get.

The unfortunate truth is that it will actually factor in somewhere since the medical workers are also human beings capable feeling undermined and annoyed and it affects the service they give you.

On a related note, it is all well to work towards such “huge” phenomena as emancipation. There are, however, still a significant number of women that are just happy knowing how to make good homes, be good wives and mothers, and that should not be something they have to apologise for.

Full Woman strives to serve every woman’s needs (hence the focus on women and doctor relationships rather than men). Besides, when it comes down to it, most or all of us yearn to still be able to make good wives, home makers and mothers on top of our other achievements.

The difference is that some women may be “too empowered” to admit it. So, for those not ashamed to say they would like to settle down in a relationship some day and don’t know how, this week we give you pointers, from the men’s perspective, on why you may not have hitched your Mr Right yet. And emancipated ladies, this is not to say that we are summing up a woman’s life and achievements in hooking a husband.

In fact, we have Finance Minister, Maria Kiwanuka’s tips on succeeding at business and career. Nice reading. And careful when you go to see the medics. Help them help you.