Sunday March 4 2018

Every woman has a fantasy man

 woman fantasy man dream

From her conversation, the dream man was tall, dark and muscular. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Daisy

I will never forget the conversation I once eavesdropped. I attended a secondary school that set so much store on physical exercises. On some days, we would wake up at 6am to do aerobics. Back in those days, there was no access to that funky music that you have in gyms and health clubs. Besides, the teacher in charge of this exercise was an elderly British lady. So, we did the Scottish dance. And boy, how we danced! She would place the cassette tape in the radio, increase the volume gradually to the highest level, and then we would do our hopping around in our short sports uniforms for an hour in the chilly morning weather.

One day, a Ugandan teacher was given charge of the class but for some reason I cannot remember, the class was run in the early evening. The teacher was about to get married and we were in awe of her. When you are 14 years old, the idea of marriage is a dream, so we would look at her like she was an angel that had fallen out of heaven. As we danced, she sat on the sidelines, watching us. Those of us who got tired, sat down a short distance from her.
Soon, she was joined by another female teacher and they began an interesting conversation. Naturally, as naughty schoolgirls, our ears piqued for excerpts of the conversation. Our teacher was telling her colleague about her dream man! How can one have a dream man and be due to be married in two weeks? And make no mistake, her dream man and the man she was going to marry were not the same.

From her conversation, the dream man was tall, dark and muscular. As she giggled, oblivious to our overt interest in the conversation, she went on about what she wanted that man to do to her. Her colleague only giggled. To our uninitiated ears, this was a scandalous conversation. Of course, each of us had a dream man but we never talked about him with other people.
Now, many years later, I still cling to my dream man. I now realise that he will be nothing like the man I eventually get married to. But it still feels good to dream about a tall man with a six pack, who is very rich and is willing to spoil me. When I was younger, my dream man was dark, but nowadays, I prefer light skinned men.