Saturday February 1 2014

5 Different looks for your yellow capris


Pretty it up
Get an ultra-feminine top that skims the hips. It could be patterned top or in a plain colour in which case you can glam it up some more with a statement necklace. Wear this with a pair of strappy sandals and you have a glam look for that semi-formal event or for when you just need to feel pretty.

A fitted blouse in a plain colour, tucked in or not, depending on how tight-fitting, with a print scarf at the neck will give you an exotic and smart formal day look. A nice pair of heels, not too chunky, and preferably a darker colour, black to dark blue, and a bag should complete that look. If you are not comfy with heels, you can get some smart wedges or cute ballets. You can also add a blazer for an ultra-formal feel.

Use your chiffon on it
That chiffon top tucked into these pants with a pair of heels and for good measure a little cropped jacket to complete the look preferably leather when it gets cold, or you could just pretend the temperature around you is lower than everywhere else for the sake of fashion. You could also just wear your chiffon loose, accessorise, skip the jacket and the look would still work.

Cool and easy
Wear with a fitting vest, white, purple, green or any other colour, with a slender colourful belt and flat sandals and you are good for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon shopping spree or hangout.

This look
A fashion item such as yellow capris is not for the faint-hearted. The jacket neither. Together, they are not something you will just pick up to incorporate into your wardrobe. The shoes, though nice, do not tie up the whole look and the man’s vest is definitely not for this look.