Saturday August 2 2014

A female fan once made me fall on stage

Sam Gombya is a radio personality and an artiste.

Sam Gombya is a radio personality and an artiste. He gets a lot of attention from female fans even when he performs with his wife.Photo by Dominic Bukenya 

By Esther OIuka

Have you ever cheated on your wife, Sophie?
(Bursts into laughter) Of course you know that I cannot say yes to your question.

So, does that mean that you have never cheated on her?
(Still laughing) Probably what I can say is that the music field is very tempting. You look at very beautiful girls and then get attracted. But what I always do is never let those temptations take control of me. I draw boundaries whenever necessary. I usually tell women who are interested in me that I am a married man.

Do you enjoy your celebrity status?
Not really since it at times limits my freedom. I cannot for instance do the normal things that people do like going to shop for clothes at Owino market. Also, people have this perception that when you are a celebrity, you definitely have a lot of money, which is not necessarily true.

Do you at times therefore wish that you were just another ordinary man walking down Kampala streets?
Yes, certainly because of the freedom that comes with it. What you should know is that ever since I started radio presenting and singing about 15 years back, I always wanted to keep away from the limelight, but my music career would not let me. Unlike radio, music always thrust me to the spotlight and I have had to deal with some shortcomings that come with it.

Which kind of shortcomings for example?
The attention from the female fans at times is overwhelming. For instance, there was a time I was performing with my wife on stage when a female fan jumped onto the stage and hugged me to the extent that we both fell down. Fortunately, my wife did not take it personally. She instead laughed at me.

Were you bullied as a child?
Yes, I was bullied as an infant, many times. It was mostly because of my disability which was as a result of a polio infection at the age of two years. What enabled me fight the bullies at times was my courage and stubbornness. For instance, whenever they insulted me, I would also insult them back.

From what you are saying, it seems you were naughty as a child…
Yes, a very stubborn one at that. I would do all sorts of crazy things. Besides hurling back insults at those who abused me because of my disability, there was a time I urinated in my cousin’s tea cup because my aunt (his mother), was always tough on me and other children. Also, one time I caught a rat, slaughtered and served it as meat to other children.

Would you ever audition for Big Brother Africa?
As much as I do enjoy watching it, I will never audition for it simply because of lack of privacy in the house. The cameras capture everything that the house mates do which I dislike.

What is your major weakness?
I am very short-tempered. One time, I even caned an event organiser with my walking stick after he refused to pay me and my wife after we performed at his function in Muyonyo, in 2004. I was very mad at him.

Did he eventually pay you after you beat him up?
No, he never paid us the Shs700,000 we had agreed upon and I decided to also leave him.

Are you doing anything to overcome your short temper?
Yes. Whenever someone makes me angry, instead of reacting, I isolate myself or listen to music.

What do you think about the Usuk Member of Parliament, Proscovia Alengot?
I think she entered politics at a very tender age. That field needs some experience which she highly lacks. It is for this reason that I think she is very quiet in the house. Those grown up men and women intimidate her.