Saturday January 4 2014

A guide to a new you in 2014

Make up kit

Make up kit 

By Angella Nampeewo

The fact is that no one knows what will happen tomorrow and the day after, yet each of us draws plans, if not on paper, then in our subconscious. Since we partly have a say in our lives, we can have total influence over several positive changes.

Therefore, notebooks are pulled out and put to use with targets on; the time to awake daily, weight to lose and how to lose it, amount of money to earn, businesses to start, weddings to have, baptisms to attend, courses to study and promotions to achieve. As we were taught in school, the goals are SMART (Specific, Measureable, Accurate, Reliable and Time bound). For now what matters is the new you in 2014 and there is no call for pessimistic anticipations of not achieving these goals. That evaluation will be done in December 2014. Some of the aspects one can look into include:

A girl has got to look good
There is no woman I know of that is fully satisfied with what she looks like. There is always a woman with bigger hips, longer hair, better make up, lighter skin complexion, better wardrobe, better height and of course better legs. Beauty changes in the New Year depend on the personality, skin complexion and one’s interest. Brenda Mukisa Muggaga, a beautician and proprietor of Brenda’s Beauty World advises one to:
• Avoid all kind of stress because it disorganises skin appearance and is a silent killer.
• Have meals on time, drink lots of water, and eat plenty of fruits
• Have enough rest because if you do not, it will show.
• Detoxify the body to keep it clean.
• Keep fit by exercising
• Visit a beautician for facials.
• Mind the creams you use because some of them bleach or make the skin pale.
• Avoid too much make up because it makes you look artificial.

Having worthwhile relationships
Relationship status vary from single and searching to dating, engaged and married. Yet still, the word “relationships” not only refers to intimate relations, but also friendships, work and family relations. David Kavuma, a counselling psychologist at Mild May Uganda encourages;
• Have goals concerning the relationship just like you do in any other area of your life.
• Reflect on your life skills since they affect all aspects of your life. For example, the existence of lack of communication between you and your partner could encourage one to read on love languages both in books and on the internet.
• Read books on personal growth to be a better partner for your spouse.
• Test for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI)
• Participate in domestic responsibilities instead of leaving it all to the housemaid.
• Exercise to remain in shape.
• Ensure to balance between family, work, and studies. See to it that work and school do not over power family.

Raising your children right
One common saying about parenting is “there is neither a perfect parent nor a perfect child”. However, there is always something we can do to be better parents. Amos Kasule, a linguist and Rachael Nuwagaba Kapasi, a counselling psychologist with Makerere University School of Psychology make these suggestions.
• Be available for the children.
• Ensure their child grows up with both parents.
• Be role models to the children because children grow up watching and upholding their parents’ behaviour.
• Be conscious of the children’s needs regardless of the age.
• Affirm the children in their strong areas and help them in the weak points.
• Be hardworking to also provide for the children.
• Love children unconditionally.
• Get involved in the home to show the children what mothers do in a home.

Show me the money
On to finance, there are thousands of books on finance like Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Science of Getting Rich and Secrets of the Millionaire mind. All are on how to, start a business, improve financial status, achieve your financial goals, be financially free and how to be successful summing to one goal of financial freedom. Dorothy .M. Tuma, a business development and international trade consultant, gives eight steps on how one can manage her finances better in 2014;
• Make a budget: Decide exactly how you will spend the money you make in 2014. If preparing an annual budget feels daunting, make monthly budgets instead.
• Track your expenses: If you do not have a clear idea of your monthly expenses, buy a notebook small enough to fit into your handbag and use it to track everything you spend money on. This will help you know where your money goes.
• Cut back on expenses.
• Save: Put some money aside each month no matter how small, it is.
• Avoid borrowing for consumption rather for financial investment.

Building your career
Career is another major aspect of our lives because it is what puts bread and butter on the table.
Pauline Wantate, the Branch Manager of Stanbic Bank Forest Mall advises;
• It all starts with the mind set therefore determine what you are aiming at.
• Think about where you see yourself in the next three years.
• Have a positive attitude, work hard.
• Seek for guidance and counselling from people in higher positions.
• Be responsible and professional at work.
• Have boundaries to the level of familiarity with workmates and your bosses.
• Learn to set priorities and allocate the required time to family, work, social events and other things.
• Understand your weaknesses and strengths, as well as other people in the same areas.
• Listen and understand what is expected of you.
• Forget the tendency that the man provides. When you make the money, release it to contribute to the home
• Every woman should have a source of income no matter how small
• Do not underestimate the amount of money you receive because you need it
• Do not feel inferior to men. Women can do anything as long as they are into it.