Saturday February 9 2013

Beauty Experience: A pleasant first-time experience with ‘artificial’ nails

I am one of those people that never really pay much attention to my look. Truthfully, you will not find me seated under a hot hair dryer in the salon, all in the name of looking good. I prefer keeping everything natural from my hair, skin, to nails!

However, I feel the nails have suffered the most. I bite my nails, from time to time, regardless of whether I am stressed or nervous, or even bored. The only time, I will not bite them is if I am going on a date or, important function that will require my nails to be in the view of people present. Not even the constant pleas from my friends could get me to kill the vice.

A few weeks ago, my best friend was getting married. Normally, I would put off the nail biting for a few weeks to let the nails grow a bit. This particular function came with a few clinches; I was the maid of honour and I had to do something( read nail extensions), to disguise my bitten fingernails.

I could not imagine the sight of those talon-like extensions on my fingers! However, after much consideration, I decided to try them out, and deep down, I prayed I would not be disappointed.

On D-day, at the salon, I had the acrylics placed, and to my surprise, I loved them. For the first time in my life, I loved looking at my hands. I was really excited and could not wait to get home and flaunt my new look to my husband.

As told to Gloria Haguma