Saturday June 14 2014

Leave the onlookers in suspense

Model Evelyn Bashabe wearing

Model Evelyn Bashabe wearing various outfits. Photos by Abubaker Lubowa. 

Suspenders have been around for quiet sometime. They are just one of the many vintage items that are making a comeback. Ordinarily, they are meant to be worn by men, so now ladies, it is time to give your man a run for his money by also rocking this accessory.

When you choose to wear suspenders, consider going for items like high-waist pants, skinny jeans, skaters, pencil skirts, and shorts.

Just one major rule you should not break when you try this trend out; no belts.

Here is how you pull off the suspenders-Kim Swagga

Stylist, Kim Swagga, explains that suspenders come in two forms; the Y-back, for those that make a Y shape at the back, and the X-back, which makes an X shape.
X-back suspenders provide better support because they can be spaced wider apart, but both styles can be adjusted so that the straps hold your trousers/skirt up and do not slip off the shoulder.

When you choose to wear suspenders, it is always better to let them stand out from your outfit. Do not block them out with overly detailed clothes. You also need to know that suspenders are never, ever, worn at the same time with a belt.

Suspenders work for both casual and formal outfits, so this makes them very versatile, and an all-round accessory.
Note that they are stylish for both women and men.

Get yourself a pair of suspenders from downtown in Owino market, with prices ranging from Shs5,000 to Shs10,000 for a second hand pair. At LKAY Collection, brand new suspenders cost about Shs100,000.

Shopping guide

Black skinny jeans. Shs150,000.
White chiffon Shs70,000.
Red heels Shs180,000.
Blue and white skirt: Shs100,000.
Blue chiffon: Shs70,000
White shoes Shs150,000.
Bow tie: Shs50,000.
Blue suspenders: Shs150,00 from the Abryanz Collection.
All items from the Fashion Lounge, Centenary Park.
Model: Evelyn Bashabe.