Angela Kalule: True love came calling just as I was giving up

Remember Angela Kalule of the Katikitiki fame? Sanyu FM’s Love at 11 show presenter? Well, she is a mother of three too, and has had her fair share of challenging relationships. But when she was not looking or expectant, love came knocking.

Saturday February 13 2016

Angela Kalule

Angela Kalule  

By Esther Oluka

“I am a 38- year-old mother of three boys aged 15, 10 and two. I am a musician although professionally I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Management.

I handle information management acquisition, storage and dissemination. Singing though is what I do for a living.

I have been in a number of relationships before but, of course, I will not tell you how many. Some of the reasons the relationships did not work out are because of abusiveness and difference in goals and I just had to break them off.

In life, we set our priorities through which we get to our goals. So, if you feel that the person you are with is not in the same path with you, I do not think there is any future in such a relationship.

I remember one particular guy failed to understand what I went through, the challenges and sacrifices. When he made the ultimatum that I choose him or my music, I opted for my career which was putting food on the table.
I am, however, in a relationship now but it is an aspect I usually like to keep away from the press. He is a very special man whom I met recently through one of his family members. He is a good guy.

The things I love the most about him are that he is supportive and understanding of my work as a musician. I do not have children with him yet.

Dating as a single mom
The good bit is that my man knew that I already had children at the time we started dating and it was not an issue to him. Just like in any relationship where a single mother finds new love, the person she is dating has to know about the children immediately.

After finding out, they can either stay or leave. In my case, however, there is no way I can accept a man who dislikes my children.

Overall, it is a little bit tricky dating when you already have children. For instance, if your children are older, it might be easier for you to introduce them to your new partner unlike when they are younger.

But then, there is when the children may not like the idea of the new guy being their new “dad.” There is usually a bit of friction there.

In order to avoid or limit that, you have to prepare them by explaining that you are letting someone new into their lives. If a guy is welcoming like mine, they will definitely like him.

Lessons from previous relationships
When it comes to love, you have to understand that everything will never go your way. You have to compromise and this has to be a two way thing.

Also, there have been moments I have put myself in situations where I want to do everything in my power to please my man but along the way have lost focus and the path to my goals in life.

I have, therefore, learnt to take care of me as Angela Kalule alongside taking care of my partner.

I had come to a point where by I had given up on relationships because I honestly believed that no man could stand a female artiste.

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