Saturday January 25 2014

Beauty experience: Encounter with a cagey hairdresser


By Sarah Tumwebaze

Braids have been in vogue for quite some time. But at first, they did not impress me until a friend plaited them. Hers looked nice, so I thought I should plait them. So, a few weeks ago, I went to my new salon somewhere downtown to plait braids.
Being the Christmas season, the salon was full of women who had come to either plait hair or do their nails. Because of the many people, there was no space for me to sit in front of the mirror. So, the hairdresser took my chair close to the salon entrance.

She started plaiting my hair. But after plaiting three braids, I noticed that she was mixing the colours in a way that I did not like. I told her, and she changed to what I wanted. Midway the plaiting, I asked if I could check myself in the mirror.

She told me that it was impossible because all the chairs in front of the mirrors were occupied. I did not insist because from the conversation she was having with her neighbour, it seemed she knew what she was doing. After two hours and a half of pain-free braiding, she told me she had finished. She held the puff for me then brought a mirror for me to see how my hair looked. I could not believe it. I looked worse than I had two and a half hours earlier.

The braids looked like they had been done by my two-year-old nephew. All I can say is that I looked ugly. I tried turning the puff hoping that I would look better but nothing changed. I paid the woman and walked out.

I had to pass by a friend’s shop after that. When I got there, she did not even greet me. She immediately asked if I had been wearing the hair for two months. Her question was not funny, but I could not help but laugh. When I told her that I had just plaited it, she laughed so hard I just wanted to go to the next salon and undo the hair.

But I kept it for another two hours until I got home and immediately unplaited it. After that experience, I promised myself to only go to that salon when I am doing a piece because it seems that is the only thing they are good at.