Saturday February 1 2014

Beauty experience: My one day before the lights

By Gloria Haguma

Every girl has, at one point in her life gazed admiringly at those well-trimmed and shapely girls in glossy magazines, showing off beautiful clothes and pieces. Particular attention is drawn to their faces, especially their properly done make up. That is why when a friend of mine asked me to model for their fashion website, I jumped at the idea. To me, it was an experience giving a shot.

However, everything begun on a not so good note, as soon as I got seated for my make up to be done. First and foremost, the make-up artist, complained about how my simply drawn back hair was not befitting the shoot. Since there was no hair dresser on set, she suggested I wear a wig.

Now, I am one of those people that usually pick a nice laugh at the sight of a woman with a poorly kempt and rather ridiculous wig. So, there was no way I was going to wear one. However, after much persuasion from the other models, I finally gave in. I decided to try it on, and then have a glimpse of what I looked like. And even when all I saw was a chubby face staring back at me, when I looked in the, mirror, all other people on set kept insisting I looked good, and after much though, I decided to rest my case. But on one condition; I would take the wig off after a few shots, something the shoot director gladly agreed to.

Now I am no expert at make-up application, since I probably have full make-up on my face, once in two years. However, from the little knowledge I had about this, I totally found the make-up done on my face rather shoddy. From the unbalanced gold and silver eye shadow on my eyes, to the not-so-good eye liner, I believe I would have done a better job than the make-up artist. No offence meant!

I, however, did not let this put me down, and I kept my mood up, so as to enjoy each and every moment of my few hours of attention. I got on set, which happened to be a street setting, and worked my magic. If you are wondering why I feel I did a great job, I have one answer for you.

Not only did the photographer compliment my each and every strut and pose, those pictures are being shared by many on the website. Bottom line, I think I might have discovered a new talent, I did not know I possessed, modelling!