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Beauty experience: The buttons burst open

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By Pauline Bangirana

Posted  Saturday, March 8   2014 at  02:00

My style has always been dresses and less of skirts and trousers. I am attracted to dresses, especially the short fitting ones. As I was heading to town, I noticed a man selling very pretty dresses. They were eye-catching and pocket friendly. I was attracted to a yellow dress with buttons in front. I was really excited to try on my new 5K dress. Immediately I arrived at home, I could not help but flaunt it around for everybody to see and appreciate. Indeed they did.

I tried it on and it was fitting perfectly, but I had a little difficulty closing the lower buttons. But eventually, I did. I was smart I must say and could not wait to officially wear it to a public place. I was assured I would be a centre of attraction in my new dress. I washed it and patiently waited for the weekend to come to an end.

Monday was the long-awaited day and everyone was eager to see how I would look in the “yellow dress”. I ironed it, sprayed it with perfume and as I tried it on, I could not wait. My patience was tested when it could not button up after just two buttons. I was freaking out. I kept trying but the harder I tried, the tighter it felt on the body and any more force could see the buttons falling off. Devastated, I kept it away and opted for something else.

Something I had not planned for at all and as such, my pride was shattered. My yellow dress turned out small at least for now until I drop a few kilograms. But I learnt not to buy clothes because they look appealing to the eye. Much as I have always wanted something yellow, maybe I will settle for that next time. All I can say is that my confidence for the day was really altered and I did not feel smart enough the entire day.

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