Sunday December 17 2017

Being someone’s mother is an incredible responsibility

Mirembe Abola

Mirembe Abola 

By Mirembe Abola

Her first name was Eva. I think I remember the second name but I shall be discreet about that.
Right from Primary One, Eva’s amazing dad dropped and picked his daughter up from school. He also brought her a hot meal for lunch daily while the rest of us either munched away on our cold packed lunch or stood in the queue for what we commonly called ‘school lunch’
The amazing father was a little older than many fathers that time and I still remember his big briefcase as he walked in to see his daughter with a sweat on his brow.

One or two times, inquisitive minds asked about Eva’s mom. There were not many answers to that question but it was not the most positive.
Almost everyone celebrates their mother. In fact, wisdom in biblical times teaches that a great child brings praise to his mother. What awesome responsibility!
Some children are raised by both their loving parents. Some are raised by their fathers and many by their mothers somewhat singlehandedly.
Recently, I was listening to one of my mentors speak about money and financial independence. He gloried in the fact that he was raised by a free woman.

Although he grew up with both his parents and has amazing stories about his father, he emphasised and described his mother and her freedom from the fear of money or the lack of it.
There is a way money controls. And yet therein lay the lesson; his mother was free from the fear and control of money.
Being someone’s mother is as fulfilling as it is challenging.
This individual looks into your eyes and they feel like their own fears have vanished. One of the children once said, ‘I love both my parents but my mother comforts me.’

He was describing a relatively tough discipline-inclined mom- me!
Eva’s father and the role he played in her life will forever be engraved in my memory. And he, along with so many amazing fathers out there, continues to challenge anyone interested in being an excellent parent.
That emphasised, many of us always remember our mothers. Our moments with them and the lessons they engrave in us. And that is part of my challenge. I am continually aware that my every word, my actions and even my thoughts count in this journey.

The children learn from what you say and what you do not say; what you do and not do. They learn and pick even from your thoughts and meditations. Again, I say, what incredible responsibility!
God, I thank you for the honour of being someone’s mother. And I thank you for the wisdom and sufficiency you have provided for me for this amazing road that I walk. By you, I know I impact not just for now but for generations to come. Amen.

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