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Black and white: Who rocked, who tanked

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Best dressed. She looks effortlessly put together,

Best dressed. She looks effortlessly put together, yet she has what was required of her; black and white. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi. 

By Gloria Haguma

Posted  Saturday, June 21   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

The host required her guests to wear black and white, and the guests adhered to her request. Here is a peak into how they endeavoured to pull this off and how they fared.

If you choose to add a shade of colour, keep it minimal, so that it does not block out the two colours. To avoid going wrong, try these styling tips:
• For a safe black and white look, opt for prints. It is hard to go wrong with these; polka dots, Aztec, paisley, and even stripes. That way, you don’t have to worry.
• If you decide to add colour, keep it minimal. That means you can wear it on your accessories, like suspenders, bags, earrings and also shades.
• Consider your body type. Wear the white on that part of the body that you need to enhance, and then keep the black on the other part. If you have a big bosom, then wear the black here, and then have the black on your top.
• Don’t match, mix. Instead of going all black and white from head to toe, add a bit of colour, or go for sparkle pieces like gold bracelets.

Play with textures and patterns
Black and white dresses have been around for a long time. However, as time changes, so do the trends. When wearing this look one should try the latest mix of texture and patterns so it doesn’t look boring. Try wearing bubble skirts, ruffles, patent leather, lace, beaded embroidery, or any other type of embellishments that really accent the look. In patterns you can go for black white polka dots or patch work. Zebra, chess, and newspaper print dresses are trendy nowadays. So, be playful with these prints.

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