Saturday July 26 2014

Caught in the flirting act

By Lydia Ainomugisha

Flirting is one of those things that people do as either a hobby or to pass time but this almost cost my friend her young marriage.

It all started when she had spent just two months in her marriage, she began flirting with her ex on Facebook about the old good times and how she still preferred him to her husband, and she said she married someone else as revenge on him for cheating on her.

The chats went on and on with this woman confessing how she pretends to be tired or sleepy because she doesn’t want to make love with her husband since she was always thinking about her ex. Of course on the other side, the ex replied with statements like “that man does not deserve you” or “you should be using my name not that ‘loser’s’ and so on.

On that fateful day, the lady forgot to log out of her Facebook page and out of curiosity, the husband decided to have a peek, only to land on her passionate chat with her ex.

The man did not stop to think, but he looked for the ex’s number and called him insulting him in any way he could. While talking to her ex on phone, she says her husband made it seem like she was with there, so the ex was afraid of calling and alerting her.

On reaching home, my friend tried to hug her “dear” husband as usual but he told her to sit down and they talk. She says the husband poured his heart out with all the facts as she wished for the ground to swallow her.

My friend recalls keeping quiet and listening as her husband threatened to table the matter before her parents for counselling. Although she was the one in wrong, she says she couldn’t accept going before her parents over such an embarrassing issue so she also threatened that if he involved someone else; she would divorce him.

Being the understanding man that she married, she said he accepted to settle the matter between them on condition that she never talks, chats or meets the ex again.

As she narrated the story I was not sure whether to beat her up or praise her for her heroic act but the beauty is, she learnt her lesson. She says from that time henceforth, she swore to respect her marriage and has not met her ex ever since.