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Celebrating 2013: welcoming 2014

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Posted  Saturday, December 28   2013 at  02:00

The way a year or life for that matter progresses, is something I have come to accept I might never be able to fathom or fully understand. I mean just think about it; the year started the other day and as we got into it we all had hopes and expectations; well at least most of us. Now as yet another year draws to a close some take stock while others might be too depressed to take stock and yet another lot of people could not care less.

And yet here we are, faced with the end of one year and the contemplation of a new one. The fact is 2013 has had many challenges, that is a given; but then it is still the Lord’s year and we give Him thanks and praise. As I walked the street the other night, I saw mounds and mounds of people stuck at the road side attempting to board public transport so as to head back home. As you can imagine, the taxi fares had been hiked and I’m not sure whether it was the assumedly heavy traffic or the excitement of the season that had caused this hike in price. And yet many silently stood by. Not one dared say a word as many quietly opted to take board and pay the doubled fare probably weary and tired of waiting anyway. Others with leaner pockets stood by quietly in the hope that eventually the fares would drop; which always does anyway.

Then I recalled that at one point in this very year, this town actually had buses which plied many a route and that they had eased the life and suffering of many a common people. And yet somehow the powers that be along with politics and other dynamics again we locals might not be in position to understand didn’t think it wise to let the cause of the buses thrive.
Enough about the painful way things are done back home; it’s time to focus on what lies ahead of course not forgetting to pick lessons from what has already passed. As yet another year comes to a close and the new one sets in, I deeply hope and pray that we shall all focus on what really matters and actually takes us forward. I hope we can learn to be more committed and involved in the lives of the children in particular; that we can invest some much needed personal time and touch…May God help us.
My sincere wishes for a rewarding 2014!