Saturday June 14 2014

Celebrating daddy with a personal touch

By Esther Oluka

One of the things you can do this Father’s Day is create personalised decorations as a great way of reminding daddy how great he is. Here are five accessories that will make Daddy proud;

Hand-written messages
If you are one who is used to sending text messages to your father highlighting how much you love them, do it differently this time round by having the message written down on a piece of paper. You can decide to make it simple by writing very few words or even longer with more text.
You can decide to praise him for a job well done fathering you over the years. If you have wronged him in the past, now would be a good time to warm your way back into his heart. He will surely have pity and forgive you of all wrongs.
Pin the letter while he is away from home so that when he gets back and finds it, he is surprised.

“For the past five years, I have been buying Father’s Day cards for my dad, which he pins up on one of his bedroom walls using cellotape and glue,” says Anisha Nabukeera, 25. She says when you enter his bedroom, you are likely to think that they are success cards pinned up on a school notice board.
Nabukeera, whose parents are both accountants, says, she takes time to honour her father this way because it is one of the ways she can show him how much she loves him. “As much as I have a mother, I do not want to forget the fact that my father is my other parent. I send him cards as a way of showing that he matters in my life as well,” she explains.

Toy cars
“Men are obsessed with cars,” says Ann Mirembe, an interior designer and owner of Annie’s Metal Workshop in Katwe. “If your father still fantasies about a particular car and still cannot afford it, get him a toy one instead,” Mirembe says.

The idea may sound a little bit funny, especially when it is an adult buying the toy car, but it is not. Of course, he will not play with it but he will surely keep it somewhere close and every time he looks at it, it will remind him of you and he will surely be proud.

Besides, it is a way of showing that you pay attention to him and know what he truely likes.

Get one of the most memorable pictures, which may include either birthday or graduation ones that you have ever taken with your father, and frame them. Make the portraits at least three or less in number.

Place them in one of his favourite places in the house. If your father, for instance, loves spending time in the library or in the bedroom, then, that is where to place them. Do not forget to write a Happy Father’s Day message somewhere in the frame.

Custom-made gift accessories
Instead of buying a plain cup, plate, watch or T-shirt for your father, personalise it by putting either his name or photograph.
Since an individual may find a bit of hardship doing this alone, there are companies around town that can help you do this. Some are located along Nasser Road in Kampala.

A personalised T-shirt can go for about Shs50,000 while a cup could cost you about Shs30,000.
These can be great displays around the house when not in use.

Father’s Day fun gift ideas
• The children can create their own special Father’s Day finger paint master piece. All that is required is a plain piece of white board, paint and brushes and they are good to go with the painting.
• The other alternative can be giving them plain sheets of paper so that they can write their own messages as well as draw their own pictures of him. Let them make their own patchy self portrait of their own father.
• Give them pieces of cloth so that they can make a tie for him. As much as he may not wear it as it was poorly made, he will surely keep it just to remind him about the day.
• They could also make their own scrap book containing aspects of their father’s life.