Saturday July 26 2014

Club sandwiches

Club sandwich

Club sandwich 

By Maria Murore

A club sandwich is usually made up of three buttered slices of bread or toast with a variety of fillings in between. It makes a quick meal ideally served on its own with a hot beverage or with the addition of potato chips for a light lunch or supper. Club sandwiches are best made with salt bread. Brown bread is the best, as it is filling and more nutritious than white bread.

Serves 1
3 big slices of salt bread
1 small cucumber
Butter or margarine
1 boiled egg
2 -3 lettuce leaves
1 small carrot
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 cooked sausage, (optional)
2 small tomatoes


1. Wash the lettuce leaves in several washes of previously boiled, cooled water and shake dry.
2. Wash the tomatoes, carrots and cucumber and dry with a clean tea towel.
3. Grate the carrot, slice the tomatoes and cucumbers into medium- size slices and mix the vegetables with the mayonnaise, in a small bowl.
4. Slice the egg and put aside.
5. Butter one side of each of the slices of bread or toast. Cover the buttered side of one slice with one lettuce leaf or two and spread with the carrot, tomato and cucumber mixture. Top with slices of boiled egg sprinkled with a tiny pinch of salt. Cover with a slice of bread or toast, buttered side up. Spread this slice of bread with the carrot, tomato and cucumber mixture and top with slices of boiled egg or sausage, if using. Finally, cover with the third slice of bread, buttered side facing downwards over the filling.
6. Wash your hands with soap and dry thoroughly. Firmly press the sandwich down with the palm of one hand and slice in half diagonally, with a bread knife. Serve with potato chips and a hot drink.