Saturday June 14 2014

Confident mum

By Min Atek

There are people in the world who like to live spontenoueously and then there are those who like to live by the rule; things must always been done one way or another. I happen to lean on the side that loves orderly stuff; some friends of mine call it mild traces of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD.

When one becomes a parent its quite clear almost immediately that, however, much OCD one has; a baby comes with their own set of terms and conditions. The life of a mother without a mothering guide has therefore been a gamble for me and sometimes, actually many times left me wondering what kind of a job I was doing. There are countless times when I have felt like I’m doing the absolute wrong thing and times when I have felt like the worst mother in the world.

Recently, I chanced on a teaching by a renowned motivation speaker Joyce Meyer; as one who had come from an abusive past she was by no means what you would term as an ideal mum. But she encouraged me when she said despite who she was or is, all her children turned out just fine and she believes that when God purposed for one to be a mum, He made available to that mum all the necessary resources for her to be the most appropriate mother for that child.

For me, that made my day and as I pondered it I stopped to bash myself about whether or not I was a good mother. I ceased to count my downs and was challenged to think of all the ups. I thought of the blessings, the smiles, the hugs, the tears and the best intentions that I have for my children. That was enough. That was more than sufficient.

So, I raise my head high and I soar because for such a time as this, I was made to be the mother of these precious beings. I will love them, I will give it my very best shot and I will pray for each of them. I will set an example and when I fall I shall get up. I will extend tough love and will offer grace. That is a confident mum!