Saturday August 9 2014

Detachable Peter Pan collars


By Gloria Haguma

To start the month, think of something new to add a fun look to your tops. Go on a collar craze with the old fashion inspired peter pan collars.

You might be wondering how a collar has the power to transform your look. Well, this collar is a very distinctive one, and will definitely be a fun touch to your neckline, and eventually add definition to that area of your top.

This accessory is at a great advantage for you, because you could even buy it separately, and then keep attaching it to your different pieces.

This means that it is even possible to transform your little black dress from an evening wear, to the office simply by attaching on this collar, making the dress go formal. or turn a boring granny sweater, into chic and very stylish.

Alternatively, you could also add this collar on top of your sweater, especially if the sweater has no defined collar lines.
The fabrics and embellishments also vary, from the leather collars, beaded, and the studded peter pan collars.

Wear them on everything

We all want to splash our cash on an accessory that can multi task, or rather are able to be worn with many of the pieces in your closet. And this is exactly what this collar will do for you.
You can wear this collar on a little dress, on a t-shirt, a tank top, a sweater, and even on a maxi dress. Feel free to experiment with any other pieces that you find fit.

After all, fashion is all about being creative, and constantly experimenting with new trends.

You can find this fun accessory in downtown Kampala at between Shs35,000 and Shs40,000 in the different shopping malls.