Friday April 18 2014

Do men really look down on female bosses?


By Man Talk

Eugene Mugisha
Being a boss is naturally a man’s domain. That is very sexist, but it is the truth, and it is the females who compound it.
Most men are okay with having a female boss, but many female bosses do not believe this. So, they imagine things, they magnify things, and make it look like it is about their gender.

Ivan Okuda
I am not sure I have the experience of a female boss who thinks that way but for the stories I have read and heard, it points to that thing called paranoia, essentially as a result of growing up from this largely patriarchal society where women are used to being taken for granted.

Problem is, some of them let their emotions take the best of them when making strategic decisions. They get caught up in this queen bee syndrome and thus get easily threatened, emotionally unpredictable, moody, and too cliquey and end up becoming vain in the process! They try so hard to preserve their power at all costs.

You would think that having a female boss, would mean greater chances of promoting her younger counterparts, especially the women.
Instead, because of all these things going on in her head, she feels threatened by them, judges them and in many cases ends up obstructing their attempts to climb the corporate ladder.

I think women who mistreat their subordinates just because they are insecure around males are despicable. In a world that has decided to move on from the old way of thinking; from subjugating women to making them the toast of the town, women should realise the wisdom of living and letting live.
I think it is an esteem problem. They start out with glowing attributes and the world wants them to succeed but when they start acting up, they lose what respect they have attained.

The thing with women bosses I think has to do with hormones, and trying to prove a point. I think that most of the time, male bosses let a lot of things slide but because women are naturally perfectionists, they need everything done a certain, specific way and will not take anything else.
Add the fact that they feel the need to assert their authority, then things get a little more complicated.

Also, women are unable to divorce one issue from the other. If I came late last week, that can be connected to my inability to finish my assignment next week. It all makes things a lot more complicated especially if you are a man.

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