Saturday February 1 2014

Does a working woman forfeight her right to care?

There is a friend of mine that is, by many standards, an exemplorary woman. Tracey, like we shall refer to her henceforth, is a hardworking woman who operates within structures.

She has, therefore, so far led a straightforward life; gone to school, gotten married a decent amount of time after completing school, got a job and recently had her third and last baby. I always tell her how her life, though admireable, would be too dull for me. But Tracey is a good and worthwhile woman who desrves a good life because she works hard at it.

However, Tracey married a man who barely provides for his family. He is a spoilt man who does not shy away from asking his wife for “money for the baby’s milk” or get bothered by his failure to provide. So, Tracey bears the burden of looking after the family. She has even once had to secure a loan when it all became overwhelming. When she has dared broach the subject to her dear hubby, she was asked why she was working if she did not want to contribute.

Well, why this strong woman does not master the guts to stand her ground and do something is a topic for another day. Today, we delve into the issue of a woman earning her own money vis-a-vis the matter of her man being obliged to provide for her.
This week, we ask the men on Man Talk whether they really believe that a working woman forfeights her right to being provided and cared for. The men’s take on the issue, and so much more, including a one-on-one with the hilarious Tindi, is what is in store for your beyond this page today. Nice reading!