Saturday June 7 2014

Every life counts

By Min Atek

I was reading recently about the prayer of a hopeful father; a man raised under very abusive circumstances but grew up to surpass his wildest dreams. He went on to be one of the most famous film makers of all time, a man called Tyler Perry.

He prayed and urged parents to be particularly careful because as a parent, you never really know the kind of person your child will turn out to be; the child you delivered could one day deliver you.

It sent me thinking; back when I was pregnant with my second child, I always told whoever cared to listen that they needed to treat me right because for all they knew; there was a big chance I was carrying the future president and who in Gods world didn’t want to be in the good books of the mother of the current or even future president?

As our children grow; sometimes, actually many times it amazes us how they think, what they are able to do and say.

I never thought I would be saying this but indeed the future now belongs to the kind such as these and what an awesome responsibility.

One day, the little child in the neighborhood might turn out to be the chief justice or the archbishop of the Anglican Church.

At that point you will say, “isnt that so and so; the son of the other woman who used to sell me tomatoes and bananas at the corner kiosk?” Life is amazing and the world is such a small place; there is a way in which things come back to bless or haunt us in the same measure.

That thought in itself is quite frightening but also sobering. I remind myself again and again that every life is precious.

The skinny boy with big eyes could be the doctor who will invent the drug that will cure your father of cancer or the child who will create software that takes away the headache that has tormented you for years.

It does not matter how small and seemingly insignificant a life is, it doesn’t matter the skin colour or local language spoken. Each life is significant; each soul is precious if not to mortal us, to God most high.