Friday April 18 2014

Experiencing the magic of the spa

Therapy using hot stones Photo by Abubaker

Therapy using hot stones Photo by Abubaker Lubowa. 

By Flora Aduk

The picture of Martin Lawrence in his comedy Big Mama, screaming as the hot black stones touched his back at a spa flashed in my mind when I read “hot stone” massage on guide at Soothing Spot spa.

It spelt scary, which was ironical, because photos I have seen of one having this kind of massage therapy show a client peacefully lying face down with the line of stones resting neatly on their spin.

Curious to get to the bottom of this therapy myself, I passed over the aromatherapy massage, which is a sample of the treat DSTV, in partnership with Soothing Spot Spa Acacia, will be giving its female subscribers for two months ( until May31, 2014) in celebration of women.

As is the tradition of the pampering sessions, my colleagues and I were treated to refreshments and snacks before the massage. I could kill for the recipe of the fresh juice my friend Carol and I couldn’t stop singing praises for.

Our assigned attendant, a sweet young woman I realised later I didn’t ask for her name, guided us through getting set for the therapy. The aura of the spa immediately created a feeling of relaxation.

The dim lighting, purple walls and soft music made it all seem mystical. But I still could not help but feel a bit anxious about the hot stones. “Would they let off some steam as they touched my skin?

How could the right temperature be ascertained?” I questioned my therapist Vivian as she readied the egg size smooth stones in the steamer that looked like a rice cooker. Calmly, she tried to put my fears to rest just before she proceeded to stretch my muscles.

I made a mental note to take up some fitness classes. Her hands moved smoothly because of the massage oil that comprised olive oil and essential oils as she kneaded my muscles.

Then, I felt a comfortable hotness on my skin as she replaced the stones on my back and massaged, placing them every now and then to retain freshness. This massage, she said, improves blood circulation, and removes tension in the body.

I couldn’t agree more when she said it was a perfect recipe for a stressed person, as I felt myself carried away to another place as she went about her work with such skill all over my body. I did drift to sleep somewhere during the one hour and 20 minutes treatment.

Like Multichoice’s Tina Wamala anticipated, this full pampering treatment that subscribers can win by answering some questions relating to the female programming on DSTV via local radio stations, leaves one feeling amazing.

The only setback to my relaxing, indulgent, and satisfying treat was that I had it in the morning on a work day. No wonder the spa is busiest from 10pm to midnight when they close.

Massage benefits
• Relieves stress
• Encourages relaxation
• Helps manage pain
• Improves flexibility
and range of motion
• Relaxes muscles
• Lowers blood pressure

Why you should go to a spa?

Treating oneself to a spa treatment is essential to reap health benefits and allow your body function as it should. Today we spend most of our time crumped up in our offices thus are stressed and end up suffering from lifestyle diseases.

Spa treatments, for instance massage, help one relax their mind and body. They improve blood circulation and boast one’s immune system. Others like facial treatments serve the equivalent of car servicing by rejuvenating the skin while body masking makes one’s body softer, smother and skin neater.

What should one expect at a spa?
Different spas offer different treatments. However, if one is similar to ours, expect treatments like massage, facials for anti-aging and all skin types, body scrubs, body masking, waxing and steam bath. We offer packages as well that one can gift a friend and also bridal packages.

Our price range is Shs60,000-Shs120,000 per hour. One is guided through a menu and advised on what would best suit their circumstances.
Maureen Kyomuhendo, the managing Director Soothing Spot Spa