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Fashion: Walking on the wild side

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By Gloria Haguma

Posted  Saturday, December 7  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

Animal prints. They may have been here for ages, but animal prints are still trendy, and definitely here to stay. The beauty about wearing this pattern is that you can pull off the look in various ways, as a top, bottom, or accessories.


Be smart

An easy way to wear animal print is as an accessory. A tailored jacket, a scarf, a belt, handbag or shoes would go great with an all-white outfit.You do not have to try so hard to match the print with other colours in your outfit.

But if you still want to go down this matching path, it would be wise to keep it to one animal print. When you are wearing separates make sure the other colour is plain.

Animal print looks great with bright rich colours. You could colour block your brown animal print with a red pair of tights, or have on an animal print skirt, and pair it with a green top.
But you can still opt for safe black to complement animal print.
It would also be wise to keep your outfit toned down, since the animal print is already busy enough. For instance, if you have on an animal print dress, then tone it down by having on a black pair of heels, or a black coat.

Animal prints come in a wide range of colours and prints; zebra prints, leopard prints and snake prints. There is a wide range for you to choose from!

Whichever you choose, animal print will definitely bring out your wild side, without even having to try too hard.

Lingerie: You can go for animal print undergarments. These spark off the mood for romance.

Mixing thing up: Animal prints go well when combined with other bold colours like red

Bracelets: Do not be limited to animal outfits, you can accessories too. These go with any kind of outfit.hot.

Bags: Clutch bags and arm bags are great accessories when worn with plain bright colours.

Courtesy of: Seven Eleven Perfect Style at Mabirizi Complex and Ansell Dresses at Kingsgate Shopping Centre