Saturday January 4 2014

Fun with fashion : Five blunders to avoid in 2014

Showing too much skin may not necessarily be

Showing too much skin may not necessarily be sexy. 

By Gloria Haguma

Too much skin on show
Some women believe that the more skin you show, the sexier you look.
Do not be fooled. Too much skin on show is very trashy. If you opt for a cut out dress, then let the cut be on the top, and have on a full bottom and vice versa.
Remember the goal here is to come off looking smart and sexy, not tacky!

Choosing the wrong underwear
Here we are referring to showing panty lines, peeping bra straps, and the like.
If you are wearing tight clothing, opt for appropriate undergarments that will not turn you into the talk at a party. If you are opting for sheer clothing, also make sure your undergarments like the bra does not clash, but simply blends in nicely.

Tacky make up
Make up is supposed to make you look more enhanced and prettier, not turn you into a drag queen. Stay away from overly done make-up, that turns one’s whole look into a total make down.
The key here is less is better. You donot need to have your lips dripping in lip gloss to look beautiful.

Wrong clothing sizes
Anything that is either too tight or too loose results into a total wardrobe malfunction. Whether its clothes, shoes or even accessories, very tight clothing will not only kill your look, but also make you uncomfortable. Know your sizes before you go out shopping, so that you pick out the right clothes and items.

The accessories tug of war
You are wearing a very lovely dress, and decide to elevate it with some accessories. So you opt for a chocker, bracelets, a cocktail ring, an anklet, earrings, and a brooch! Technically, all these items are fighting for attention. In short, these are too many accessories to have on one look. If you choose to accessorise, wear at least one or two items, so that whichever item you opt for can be able to do the talking, alone!