Saturday July 5 2014

Half term is here!

By Min Atek

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of creation because it states that after creating everything, God rested. Can you imagine that? The Lord God rested.

The way I understand that detail is that a precedent of rest was set and very deservedly too. That is one of the reasons that I take rest seriously and on a very regular basis, take time off to just do nothing but rest.

Over the next few days, my children will be experiencing something called half term, in which they rest from regular school work. The beauty herein is that it’s not only the children who get to rest from all the hectic school activities but even us parents.
You cannot even begin to imagine or even comprehend the joy there is in not waking up to the alarm clock just to help sleepy children get ready for school. There is the usual battles of ‘eat you breakfast’ but that pales in comparison to the stress and trauma that comes with braving the traffic. Then there is the subject or is it trauma of homework.

For some reason many a child will rather play and forget that they have homework to do. They would rather forget the textbook at school or even pretend like they just do not know that indeed a time of reckoning is coming in regard to homework. So, unless you the parent gets to be seriously involved and push and query, then chances are the homework won’t be done or in the best case it will be very poorly and half heartedly done.

Sadly this is a detail which has a religious ritual of presenting in the morning as you dash to the car with your half eaten breakfast and unkempt hair. Then a child informs you in the meekest of voices that you have not yet signed the dairy. As you very grudgingly go through the diary is when you discover all the undone or poorly done work.

Half term is something that I will always and forever relish. I try not to look forward to it and I try to remember that its just but a very small breath of fresh air but it is worth the living day lights…any day!