Saturday August 9 2014

He went to her ex’s workplace to compare notes

By Lydia Ainomugisha

In one of those girl talks, a friend of mine narrated to us how her carelessness made her get the worst of her boyfriend’s reactions.

It all started when as a matter of honesty, my friend took time to explain to her new catch about her ex and why they broke up.
Subconsciously, she says whenever they were together, she found herself talking about her ex almost all the time but the man didn’t seem to mind it anyway.

Worst of all, the good in the ex-seemed to outweigh the bad which inwardly I guess left the man wondering why she had broken up with him. But like any man trying to lure and impress a girl, he always quietly listened and where necessary, he nodded in agreement.

One evening, she said the boyfriend went over to her friend’s place and in a low tone told her he had managed to meet her ex that day. “Though I hadn’t seen my ex in a year, for a minute I shivered and wondered where they had met and over what reason,” she narrated to us.

After recollecting herself, she says she asked him how he had managed to meet him only for him to tell her that since she seems to still be in love with him, he decided to go over to his workplace, take a good look and compare notes.

Indeed he had done just that as he went to the man’s workplace, pretending to get medication (the ex is a doctor) and really checked him out.

Surprised by his action, my friend said she explained to him that she was only trying to be truthful with him by telling him all those stories and nothing more as she had moved on.

Seven months down the road, she says she has since resisted ever tackling the sensitive subject again. Obviously, the ex does not know that a jealous stranger has ever invaded his territory.
For those venturing into the same path, you may want to take some advice which states that when you do begin to talk about your exes, do it with a balance in mind.

Too little information can lead to a sense that you’re hiding something or that you’re still smitten with someone you once dated and have yet to get over them. That sort of emotional baggage can scare off even the most intrepid!

On the other hand, going on endlessly about “my ex this, my ex that”, whether negative or positive, is just as off-putting as knowing nothing and will soon have your date’s interest in you flagging.

It’s a good idea to show simply that you appreciated your exes in their own right but that you’re not still hung up on them.