Saturday May 31 2014

How to exit friendzone

By Gigi

Shani and Mary were my best friends in the whole world at the time. We did everything together. We even walked hand in Hand, I the shortest and youngest always in the middle.

Then one day, they were not speaking to me. My crime was some things about Mary’s mother. They were not nice things but in my defense what did she expect me to do after showing me picture soft her mother sitting on several men’s laps with a beer in hand and a cigarette in the mouth?

It all ended when I think I gave them my whole fudge which I had bought after about a week’s savings. I think I also apologised and I think they had juice in our house for a month. A small price to pay for walking between them again.

After this my motto has basically been; Stop talking to me if you feel so inclined, I will respect that. But please let it be final. As in stop for ever and ever, do not think we will make up and break up and make up again. My life is not going to be a blue Cantrell song. Simple and it has worked until last week. Paul a male friend just decided he did not feel like speaking to me because I ignored his Whats app messages. But that is because he keeps writing dear as dia and Hi as Hae! You write like that I do not chat with you even if you are the hottest man to walk the earth.

I am not ashamed to say I have friend zoned this man for the longest time. I do not think it is such a bad thing to be friend zoned. Men should just get over it. Stop taking offence when you are friend zoned. The hard truth is you end up in friend zoned because she does not see you as boyfriend material, or lover material or one nightstand material and she has made it clear yet you still persist. It is a place for those that refuse to go away, or those whose persistence benefits the woman in one way or another like running errands.

I always believe a friend zoned guy not satisfied with his status just needs to stop the effort of trying to get the woman, see it for what it is and he is out. Just stop trying period and soon you can withdraw quietly and see other women around you and everyone will be comfortable.

Paul I know you are reading this. You have always had a choice to really just get whatever remains of your self-respect and move on. And stop moods like a menopausal woman, or the printer at work. It does not suit you.