Saturday January 25 2014

I am a hopeful ‘side dish’

There are women who know what they want and

There are women who know what they want and will not settle for nothing less, even when what they desire is a philandering man. net photo. 

By Olive Nakiyemba

On our third date, he told me he was seeing three other girls. This should have sent smoke signals but I decided to look at him as a very handsome challenge. I wasn’t even looking for something serious, so I just smiled, “May the right girl win,” I thought to myself.

It was lots of fun. We saw each other every evening; I started to wonder when I could possibly get the time to see my competitors. However, I did not really want to know nor did I care! He is charming, this man. I started to like him and unfortunately, I got to know of one of my competitors. Well, I haven’t actually met them.

I know he has been seeing one of the girls since 2011. When we had just met, there was no trace of any girl at his place. Suddenly, one of them has started feeling the need to leave her long plastic hair behind. It cannot be mine because I have a “Janet Cut.” I knew not to ask but my curiosity got the better of me, “It’s probably the maid’s,” is how he explained it away.

I suspect that, the 2011 girl is probably the main chic. But three years of whatever relationship she has with my man, there is still a chance I could take her position. It is not hard to believe there are a number of us all over this man. He is quite a catch. Honestly, sometimes I see a bright future then it fades, especially when I come across hairs that aren’t mine. Or when he does not pick up my calls when I want to wish him a good night. “Who is he with right now?” I ask myself.

Then, we meet up and have a wonderful time and suddenly the future is bright again, this time with a set of twins; a boy and a girl, a farm house with a long driveway complete with one of those “Mr Something Close” signage. Oh, the fantasy!
They say a good man is hard to find, and that if you find one, you should hold on to him tightly. This is exactly what I am doing. I am even kind enough to share him for the time being until he comes to his senses and realises I am the only woman made for him, his main chic.