Saturday March 8 2014

I believe in love and marriage

Asiimwe Collin

Asiimwe Collin 

By Olive Nakiyemba

Women, what can you say about them?
I am sorry I do not have a generalisation about women. They are like men and they are all different. Also, they never forget anything.

Who is a bad boy? What defines a bad boy?
It’s a term applied by society to its finest looking male specimens. It really is a perception thing. But they are characterised by socially questionable behaviour, a penchant for the daring, they appear fearless and most of all are unencumbered by the shackles of societal expectation. That is how I see it anyway.

Who Is Colin Asiimwe?
Colin Asiimwe is a passionate professional. He is driven and loves advertising. I’m a father to a wonderful one-year and three-months old, Marcus Christopher Ndyomugyenyi; the love of my life.

Tell us about the mother of your child...
Well, she is a great mother to him and I guess will continue to be.

Do you believe in love?
I believe in love. I think that love brings out the best in us. It makes us better than we ever thought we could be.

What do you think of marriage?
I think the institution of marriage is a great social construct and I think that it is important as it drives social harmony and allows people to find life partners. I guess in that sense you can say it’s the glue that holds society together but given the state of our current society, it all looks like a sham.

Why do you say that?
People are getting married left, right and centre only to break up the following day.
I think the pressure that has been put on young people to get married might actually ruin it for a ton of them.
It has become materialised and made all about money and wealth which most young people who are looking to join the institution don’t have. That can be frustrating and downright discouraging.

Are you seeing someone?
Yes I am.

Tell us about her...
No. I’d like to respect her privacy.

How was it like growing up?
It was no fun growing up because I was bed-wetting till I was an adult and that just did not earn me any favours. But I did have some amazing adventures and I built some amazing memories that shaped my perspectives and much of who I am today.
Growing up I spent a lot of time away from my family and so that made me appreciate connections much more.

Which schools did you attend?
I was a problem student; as a result, I kept getting kicked out of schools. I went to St. Mary’s College Kisubi, Bugema Adventist SSS, Namilyango College to mention but a few. Looking back now, I realise that the Ugandan school system is very intolerant of different children or children with different learning. I know that everyone hits rock bottom in their lives and I think those years were my rock bottom. They were grounding.

Your opinions on NTV Men, are they for real or for the show’s sake?
They are real. I think the world needs a little more honesty, a little more frankness, a little more humour and most times I have found, the truth is often stranger than fiction.