Saturday February 13 2016

‘I’m single, preparing to start searching’

Moses Golola.

Moses Golola. Photo by Micheal Kakumirizi 

By Esther Oluka

We don’t see you in public anymore. What’s up?
I am not like the musicians who have to be everywhere. I am a sportsman who only makes news when I have a fight. But I am also busy meditating about different things.
Like what? What exactly is Golola meditating on?
Moses Golola is busy thinking about the future of sports in this country. The industry has a lot of problems. For example, we lack good management and sponsorship. It is why I am currently building a sports academy on my one-acre piece of land in Kawempe. I will be training interested men and women in different sports, including kickboxing.

When will this academy be ready?
Golola Talent Academy will be ready in two weeks’ time since the punching bags have already been put there. It will be a training ground for all kinds of sports. My dream is to increase the number of gold medals coming into Uganda.

Does kickboxing actually pay the bills?
Yes, it does. It is how I have gotten money. When you do kickboxing at a professional level, the money comes in. But I also make money from my work as brand ambassador for different companies.

Is there any other sport you do besides kickboxing?
I do some bit of athletics as well although I am not as fit as Kiprotich. I do body building too but for fun and to encourage those who do it professionally.

Away from work, are you dating?
I love dating but I am not at the moment. I am single, preparing to start searching.

So, what kind of woman are you looking for?
I want a traditional woman. I mean the kind that kneels down to greet me. She should treat me like a king, be educated and in her 30s like me. We will both be mature in the relationship. I do not want women in their 20s because those ones are still young in their thinking; they are good for sugar daddies.

Should she be slim or curvy?
Size, colour and height do not matter. I do not care whether she is fat or small as long as she is a respectful woman. But you know what? I really want a tall woman so that we can have children with American height. She should at least also have big lips so that I can kiss them and make them small.

Talking of children, do you have any?
I have many in that we cannot count them. Someone recently told me that there is a woman in Kalerwe claiming to have my child. I told the person to go and tell her to bring the child so that I can take care of him.

Do you consider yourself a romantic guy?
Yes. Golola is a romantic guy because I have qualities that many women want. I have a good physique and so much energy. I know how to handle women and make love as a grown up man.

What is the one thing about you that most people do not know?
I am a prayer warrior. I talk too much and say so many things but when I get down on my knees to pray, I mean business.

Is Moses Golola actually your real name?
Many times people actually ask me the same question. Let me make it clear today for you and everybody else. Yes, Moses Golola is my real name. I do not want to be like other celebrities who have nicknames because I take pride in my name.

How do you often resolve conflicts?
I walk away from the person and go to pray. People are crazy and provocative. You know the devil is a liar and can challenge you in so many ways even by provoking you through a small man and woman.

Sex versus food
I pick food. Atleast I can go without sex for a year but not food.

Speaking of food, how much do you eat in a day?
It depends on my appetite that day. There are days I will want to take porridge and on other occasions, eat boiled meat, sweet potatoes or even posho and beans. Porridge, however, remains my favourite food and whenever I am taking it, I do not use a cup because it is too small. I take my porridge in a jug regardless of whether it has sugar or not. Any woman interested in me should know how to make porridge.

What do you do for fun?
I love chatting with people and when I am very happy, I dance alone.

Your parting words…
To my fans, thank you for supporting me. I love you so much. Let us fight so much to support each other and not to provoke those who are doing well. If someone does wrong, let us come out and advise them. One word to a wise man is really enough.

Valentine’s Day thoughts

What do you think of Valentine’s Day?
I think it is a day that should be taken more seriously. It should be a day of renovating love, especially among people who are not happy in their relationships.

If you are never pleased with your husband, not making him breakfast or always facing the wall whenever you are going to sleep, things should change that day. Cook for your husband, make love on that day and get pregnant.

Do you personally celebrate Valentine’s Day?
I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day because no woman has ever given me a flower and confirmed that they want to enjoy the day with me. It is the reason I have decided to have a kickboxing match on this year’s Valentine’s Day. I will be fighting Titus Tugume.

Where will the fight take place?
It will be at the MTN Arena, Lugogo. It will start at 7pm. Tickets will be sold at the gate at Shs20,000 and Shs50,000 respectively. Tables will go for Shs1m.