Saturday June 14 2014

It is your fault if you are a virgin

By Gigi

Have you heard of the virgin killer? Apparently he made news recently when he went on a killing spree, frustrated by still being a virgin.
According to his manifesto, he intended to kill random girls at his school who had no idea he even existed, but who, in his twisted mind, he saw caused him deep unhappiness as a virgin at the advanced age of 23.

On some of the online forums I saw, some people agree that the young man must have been a deeply disturbed individual. He was probably a highly functioning psychopath that is a rampage waiting to happen.

But there was one comment that is still bothering me as I sit here typing this, especially since it was a Ugandan brother who also happens to have a huge following on social media.

It was something along the lines of how women withholding sex and ignoring young men can drive them to extremes like the virgin killer, of course, as case in point.

This makes me want to speak in several tongues; Ngo marach kede dano ni? Kwonka abantu bakabaachi? Afa onzi nyaku di beri aduni? Inyobo erona kada akwapu na? Abantu baabaki? Iyi isi ya baye kyi? Nini mbaya na watu wa hii dunia? Wettin de happn with dis world?

I know men have pretty much blamed everything wrong with this world on women. I just think this is taking it too far. I have seen enough creepy, ugly, uncouth, weird, men get laid to know that as a man, the failure to get a woman who can lay you is purely and indisputably your fault. It has nothing to do with personality and your looks. If these were the criteria, half the men in the world would be virgins.

Even psychopaths get laid. Actually, psychopaths get laid more than many other men. Jerks are psychopaths and they convince women to gratify their desires all the time. It has to be that you are extremely lazy or are focusing all your energies in the wrong thing, like a long winding manifesto.

Of course, the seeming support for the virgin killer left me thinking of how we women tread on thin ice cavorting with psychopaths who may fly into a killing spree when we spurn them. I’m convinced anyone who empathises with the virgin killer’s situation is also an accident waiting to happen.

My advice? Get out of that dark room, get out there and try smile at a girl, take one to dinner, gamely smile if she turns you down and move on to the next one. You may not get laid immediately but it is a start.