Saturday June 14 2014

Letter to my daughter


Dear Girl,
You are very special to me and you will always be. For that, I want you to know that life can be tough; it can seem like it is conspiring to make you fail in everything you try to succeed at. You will meet people who will turn out to be fake.

You are going to fall in love with one person…maybe not one but many. You may have to endure a broken heart now and then on the road through life because human beings are wired wrongly; they are programmed to hurt others.

All that may be as it is but remember you have me to believe in you. You have my support in whatever you set your mind to do. I am here to guide you and to give you my experience in life so you can make a better job living yours. Sometimes we shall fight over how to solve the issues of life but remember, you are more important to me than all those obstacles.

Ivan Okuda
Hi, little bundle of joy,
The world is tough. It is a monster, with its tentacles all out and preying on you. In all directions, at all times. It is a tough world, this one, mummy and I brought you to. Men will come in swarms, asking to be loved and to love.

Their intentions may not be the most noble. Some will expect you to sleep with them for favours. Intrigue at office, at home, during traffic jams, at school. All those! Thus is life. Tough and tough and tough. But relax, it can be an easy world if you choose to work smart.

At the end of it all, destiny is in your palms, play with it smartly. You can conquer the world if you choose to. Phenomenal girls rule the world and yes, you are phenomenal. And don’t forget, it is your life. Live it for you.

Eugene Mugisha
My little African Princess,
Soon, you will not be little anymore, but you will always be my little girl. My constant joy is to watch you blossom into a beautiful African woman. I cannot protect you from every hardship you will come across, the best I can do is prepare you to handle it like a lady; with grace, strength, and integrity.

Let nothing hold you back, you were born a winner. Do not fear challenges, that is what shapes character.
Be patient and kind, everyone is fighting a battle you may know nothing of. Keep in mind what is important, and let that define and shape you on your long journey through life.

1 Corinthians 13:13: Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love-and the greatest of these is love. Now, when are you arriving so I can love you to bits?

Andrew Wallace
You do not know me yet. I’m that familiar voice you hear every now and then that is not your Mom’s.

Once you are born, we will finally meet. I needed to say a few things to you. How do I put this? I know karma has a way of getting back at naughty guys by giving them precious daughters. I’m going to be your Daddy- and I’m absolutely terrified. My fear is born out of not wanting to fail you.
Truth is, I haven’t made all-wise decisions in life, but the wisest I ever made was to agree to share my life with your Mom. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, that’s what Society will do.

My only prayer is that you may find that quiet peace of God within you. That’s where your purpose on this earth has been placed. Discover what you want to do and may you authentically pursue it, with utmost integrity.
I know you will start to use make-up someday- and it is okay. My hope is that you never let it define you. It is how you will choose to live your life that should. Have to go now, love you to death.

My daughter,
I want you to know that all my life, I will work at being the best father and even when we fight or are happy, the one constant is that I will always love and want the best for you.