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Light up your bedroom

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Apart from avoiding accidents, lights make bedrooms attractive. 

By Full Woman reporter

Posted  Saturday, December 7  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

Ambience. Few things speak about personal space like your bedroom. It may be about the way you set your bed, your wardrobe or draperies. One thing for sure is that you want it to be a place you cannot only seek refuge from the troubles of life, but also relax and count your blessings. Lighting could do this for you.


Lighting is one of those things that can transform your bedroom. Different types of lighting can change the mood of a room from calm and romantic to energising and vibrant. According to Freshome.com, a website that deals with design and architecture, as you choose lighting for your room, you need to know what functions you would like it to serve. Here are some options you can consider

Table lamps
You may not be one for reading much, but nonetheless, bedside light is great to have both for aesthetics and function. This could have a plain bulb or a coloured one. A great lamp shade completes the picture.

Central pendant lights
These get the gloom out of a room especially if it is small. Opt for a white or translucent shade. An energy saver would be a great option here. To set in a relaxing mood, coloured bulbs can do.

Statement lighting
Forget function; think about something you can feel good about, something chic and glamorous. If you are still building your house, a sparkly chandelier is a good addition. Otherwise tall floor lamps or corner lamps and those in unusual shapes can make the perfect statement for you.

Wall lights
These go above your bed or highlight furniture, a mirror or picture. There are various designs in light stores depending on your persona. One thing though is that you will have to hire an electrician to do the wiring as many houses do not come with this inclusion.

Downlighters and spotlights
These are low key lighting options. The recessed down lights are set into the celing

What to look for
1. Can I see well enough to get dressed?
2. Is there a light in the closet?
3. Are there individual reading lights on each side of the bed?
4. Is there an overhead light source?
5. Do I have enough light to determine the colours of clothing in my drawers?
6. Do I have a light source near the door?
7. Have I installed outlets in convenient locations while building/renovating my bedroom?
8. Can I fill dark corners with portable lighting sources?
9. Do I have a dimmer installed on the overhead light source?
10. Are there lights at the dressing table to help with makeup?