Saturday June 21 2014

Mad school schedule

By Min Atek

I keep wondering which of the two schedules is more stressful or demanding. Is it the morning schedule, which starts with the alarm clock, then before long you are pleading and dragging children out of their deep slumber.

Then you beg or even threaten them to quickly wash up, lay their beds and then have their breakfast; sometimes you discover right there and then that the water bottle or the snack container was forgotten in the bag and is, therefore, dirty while in the worst case scenario the container didn’t make it home.

When you finally figure out a way of adding a banana to the gorillo pack for school, then it is time to hit the road, hopefully before many other road users do the same.
On some mornings, we do this successfully, while sometimes, it is like many other households are doing just the same as we are and before the sun really rises, you find a host of other eager parents and the traffic already tight.

The evening schedule does not seem to be any easier because as the clock moves towards 3pm my heart starts to palpitate towards school. Interestingly, that is when the elusive client decides to walk in or when you receive that urgent response to the proposal you sent some good weeks ago.

You need to respond to the proposal but you also want to desperately hit the road before the evening traffic and the madness therein. But that is only the beginning because as soon as you have the children you hit the supermarket to pick some much-needed home essentials.

You hit the road again as your eyes continuously look at the clock. You must prepare dinner, get the children to finish their homework…oh the homework?!
And then get them to bath again, eat their dinner, brush teeth, say a prayer of thanksgiving and get them into bed as you set the alarm sorry opportunity clock to start yet another cycle!