The little known Miss Top of the World

Her name will probably not ring any bells in her home country. However, Sharon Kazinga currently holds the title of Miss Top of the World, an international beauty pageant. Her work caught the eye of the Tourism minister who has appointed her Uganda’s tourism ambassador to the UK. It is this work that recently brought her to Uganda where we got a chance to catch up with her.

Saturday August 9 2014

 Sharon Kazinga is the reigning Miss Top of the World

Sharon Kazinga is the reigning Miss Top of the World and is Uganda’s Tourism ambassodor to the UK. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa 

By Arafat Ndugga

Just when we thought we had heard about every beauty pageant there is, it turns out there is one we should have heard about already, considering one of our own is at the helm.

Sharon Kazinga is the current Miss Top of the World, a title she won in December last year in Latvia, northern Europe. However, there was very little news, if any, of her win back home. A look into her background explains why.

Kazinga was born in London on December 28, 1994 to Stella Samalie Nakibugwe a cake maker and Noel Christopher Sebulinda, a senior newspaper distributor in W.H.C Smith.

Her life, therefore, is in London. This also explains her strong British accent, which this writer had a little of a hard time keeping up with.

It is in London that she took part in the Miss Uganda UK pageant in September 2013.

Although she did not win, she was the second runner-up and it is on that premise that she applied for Miss Top of the World.

Her application paid off when she beat hundreds of girls from different countries to the title.

Her journey to the world of pageantry is not lined with a passion for being in the spotlight and showing off her beauty to the world. Instead, it tells of just how far a parent’s influence can get you.

“At my first participation in the Miss Uganda UK, I didn’t have passion for it but my parents encouraged and forced me to join as they told the pageant manager, Jacqueline Matovu, to offer me special facilitation and trainings which worked out well thus my second runner-up position,” she reminisces.

Because she is a tall woman, at five feet 11 inches, her passion was to become an athlete. This is something she had participated in early on while still in school, taking part in regional and local competitions.

Her other passion is her academics. She studied in St Edmonton Elementary School, St Anne’s Catholic High School for O- Level, Fincheley Catholic High School for A- Level before joining St Charles Catholic School where she is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Media and Information Technology.

“In the last two weeks, I finished my exams and I’m now applying for international marketing and hope to start in September,” she happily shares.

At Miss Top of the World
“In Latvia, where the competition was, they usually don’t embrace black people, but I was amused that they welcomed me with smiling faces. They became friendly as they wanted to know about Uganda’s traditions and cultural norms.

I never hesitated to perform for them the Kiganda dance,” Kazinga says.

She adds, “I was nervous because the participants were speaking languages that I didn’t understand which made my communication with them difficult so I spoke mostly to the ladies from Commonwealth countries that knew English.”

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