Saturday May 31 2014

Min Atek: Post Mother’s Day reflections

Leonidas Munyakazi I stay,care,feed and do what any woman would do to a child! Although at first I was scared but it has come with a lot of learning from my three year old and I have learnt lessons from her! Unlike adults, she never keeps grudges and to her come some beating or laughter I’m her dad, my name, or Apuuli.

Maria Namyalo A mother is anyone who takes up the responsibility of raising a child and adding value to their life. My grandmum did that.

James Kabanda This culture of praising mothers only has frustrated many fathers since their work in bringing up chidren is not recogonised at all.

Evelyn Princess Zacharias Don’t you know that father’s have father’s day? And there are father songs like Dance With My Father Again by Luther Vandross, the soulest voice.
Leonidas Munyakazi Some times i wonder why some of us dont keep up with changing trends of Parenthood,much as we got Single Mothers,there is an increase in the number of abled Single loving and caring dads looking after beautfiul children aged btn three and six years and people will always undermine them that gets them sacrificing social life and work for their children!

Richard Clyde Bakaluba Does not sound good, atleast to me.
Being a dad comes with a good opportunity to show the child the ‘usefulness’ of a patriachial family setting.

Achile Ghadaafi My mum carried me for nine months plus two years caring and nursing.

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