Saturday July 26 2014

Mistakes to avoid on stage

Erika Bingi, the creative director at Barika Fashion House, points out the common mistakes made by female artistes when it comes to their stage costumes.

• Revealing outfits. Some artistes believe that the more revealing an outfit is, the more exciting it is to the audience. So an artiste will be on a raised platform in a bikini top and short shorts and their die-hard fans will get a glimpse of more than they bargained for.

• While you may want your costume to be extravagant, or wild, you forget it still has to be sane and most importantly comfortable. Many of the costume options like leather, velvet or lace can be very uncomfortable and limit your movement during performance. You also get very sweaty and your movement can be very limited, especially if you opt for the above materials.

• Also sync your music to your outfit. For those slow ballets you can opt for a long dress and then as you switch to dance mode, you can opt for something more movement friendly.

• I also think, artistes are driven by the image they are trying to create that they forget about their audience. Even if ripped stockings and short shorts are your signature look, when its a children’s show, find something more appropriate.

• Make sure to rehearse in your outfit, if it’s not comfortable, change it. Consider your body size also, there’s always a version of an outfit for every body size and shape.

• If you buy an outfit with cutouts, don’t add more cutouts because you feel you want it to look like a costume.

• Lastly make sure your outfits are clean; just because the lights are deemed and we are busy screaming doesn’t mean we don’t see those stains.