Saturday May 31 2014

Mom, how are your children any more special than mine?

By Eunice Rukundo

One mother of six, together with her husband, made sure to give their children everything that was expected of them. They fed them, put a roof over their head, and gave them an education. The mother went an extra mile though. She deliberately equipped each of her children with a skill; baking. That woman was Brenda Sekabembe’s mother.

I have met Brenda, our phenomenal woman this week, on several occasions, but I’m sure she does not remember me because she has loads of clients. She is patient and cool-headed, judging from our business encounters. However, a former classmate also told me she was quite brilliant in school. Incidentally, it was not her brilliance in class that got her off the streets and put money into her pockets. It is the extra gift her mother taught her. That, more than anything, is what put her ahead of the pack she was searching for jobs with. She had a skill she could fall back on.

Her story reminded me of a talk given by the reknowned educationalist, Fagil Mandy, years back before I was even a parent. He said; “You will give your children an education but so what? That is what all the other parents will be doing. So, what different way are you preparing your child for the cutthroat world you will eventually let them into? What is going to set your children apart from the rest of the pack?” I’m definitely in no place to be giving parenting advice.

I’m rather just sharing a lesson I learnt, which is also illustrated in our two profiles this week. Allow me to ask and, therefore, get you thinking; what extra have you given your child? How will they be different from all the other children they will leave school with?

Enjoy your weekend, and feel free to share your copy of Full Woman magazine with the next woman.