Friday May 9 2014

Mood swings

By Min Atek

The unfortunate thing is that no matter how hard I try, I’m really not able to bring myself to recall how my pre-teen years were like. I have a slight recollection of my days in upper primary school; I recall some of my friends and I recall that I always went back home to a quiet house because my mother was working two jobs in a bid to fend for us. I cannot ably put my mind to what kind of thoughts regularly went through my mind save for sharing bits of info with my then best friend Elizabeth.

Many years later I’m faced with the dilemma of dealing with a pre-teen. Initially I did not even recognize it until the erratic mood swings forced me into some serious soul searching. The other dilemma I face is that I’m really not faking this story so I have to be mindful of all the parties involved because I will surely be held accountable for all my sayings.

Sometimes the sun in our household rises up and bright while on other occasions just like the Ugandan weather we wake feeling as blue as the coldness that comes with a heavy down pour of rain. Sometimes we are as happy as can be while on some days the last thing we want to do is wake up and face the world. Sometimes, everything round about us is terribly irritating and all we want to do is to put our noses as high as possible while snorting at everything and anything in our way.
The interesting thing is that the world does not come to a standstill simply because one woke up on the other side of heaven; we still have to wake and do the basics like laying ones bed, getting cleaned up and dressed for school.

One still has to deal with persons like one’s little brother who isn’t in the least bit bothered by our bad mood and does not mind playing and thereby irritating us further; after all by the time we both went to bed last night, we were playing like best friends and actually giggling at this funny mummy who just doesn’t seem to see the fun in hiding behind and banging doors.
How does a mother deal with all this madness without running mad herself? How does she maintain sanity and be all loving and supportive? In most cases things are not the easy or straight forward and yet one must soldier on; parenting a pre teen along with her not a pre-teen brother is part and parcel of the entire package…period!