Saturday November 17 2012

My cleavage is a show of confidence: Grace Nakimera

My cleavage is a show of confidence: Grace Nakimera


How close are you to fashion?
Very tight! I’m a very keen dresser and I love looking good. And being an entertainer, I always have to look impressive. So, fashion and I are like best friends, I pay close attention to my style.

So, how would you describe yoru style?
I would define my style as neat and well put. I love being organised so when I’m dressing up, I ensure that the items are well put and organised. It is not a matter of what you are dressing in, but rather how you organise the items to create a neat look.

Do you have a go-to attire?
Yes, there is this black tuxedo that I really love. I look very neat and I really stand out whenever I wear it. I could actually call it my day saver. It is one attire I can wear if I have run out of options.

Do you have a worst buy?
I’m an impulsive buyer, so I have many of those. If I’m running a few errands or travelling and I see something I like, I buy it. So many times, I end up with a lot of stuff that I eventually do not like or need. And most times, I give it out to friends.

What is your best buy ever?
I have a pair of lime green and yellow Louis Vuitton heels that I really love. They are sexy and really hot! No, I’m not comfortable disclosing how much I spent on them. But, they were quite expensive.

Do you have specific places you go shopping?
Not really. I shop in the UK and other places when I travel. I also shop on the Internet and a few shopping malls in town. If I see something and I like it, I buy it, regardless of where I’m buying it from.

The first rule of appropriate dressing...?
Simplicity and comfort. If you dress in skimpy attire and you are not confortable, you are dressed inappropriately.

Which item is most dominant in your wardrobe?
That would be lingerie and shoes. I love shoes and so I buy lots and lots of pairs all the time. And for lingerie, I feel it is an important part of every woman’s wardrobe so one should own as many as possible.

Which is your most expensive buy?
My lime green and yellow Louis Vuitton heels. I simply loved them the first time I saw them and I did not mind about how much they cost, I just had to buy them.

Who does your make up?
Myself: I am a professional beautician

The cleavage show, is it always intentional?
I always show cleavage with most of my outsfits because I love my boobs. I know my body type and I feel confident about my body. I believe my cleaveage is quite sexy and it makes me feel good about my self. So, I find nothing wrong with my boobs being out as long as the look is not overly done. For one to look beautiful, they have to be confident about their bodies and feel good about themselves.

About Grace:
Family: I’m married, and I have a daughter who is making six years next month.

Biography: Born on February 2, 1985 to Mr David Kalema and MsRose Nabulya.

School: Bat Valley Primary School, Old Kampala Senior Secondary School. Enrolled for a course at the Revlon Beauty School in Nairobi.

Profession: Popular as an artist, Grace is professionally a beautician, with specialty is hair extensions. Proprietor of Pinky’s Salon. “I chose the salon business because it is the one thing I love after her music.”