Saturday June 7 2014

My ideal woman should be the antidote to my sexual desires

Shawn Kimuli says he likes a woman whose

Shawn Kimuli says he likes a woman whose size will not change even after 10 years. Courtesy photo. 

By Dear Jean

Who are you?
I’m Shawn Kimuli, born in August 1979, a media practitioner working at Capital FM as the program controller, a presenter and the news manager.

Are you still one of the city’s most eligible bachelors?
Not really, I’m actually no longer a bachelor. I’m not married, but I’m in a serious relationship with a lovely lady I have been with for the last three years.
Of course, the debate on whether you are still a bachelor even if you are in a relationship but are not yet officially married continues, but to me, I’m not.

Generally, who is your ideal woman?
The woman should be sexy – has to be the antidote to my sexual desires. I hate change and I’m so traditional, so, she should be able to maintain her size and shape even 10 years later.
She should be God-fearing, but majorly, she must be understanding and appreciative of cultural and traditional norms.

Your most memorable moment in life?
The moments that still stick to mind are when my entire family was together; my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.
It was once in a while during functions, but there was always a lot of food and candy but it was the togetherness of our extended family that made me feel comfortable and secure.

Out of media, who is Shawn Kimuli?
I’m a father of a beautiful baby girl, a hobby musician, and I’m actually an introvert. I rarely go out unless it is work-related and love meeting people I can learn from.

What is it that people do not know about you?
You would catch me in a Cinema hall alone, watching cartoons. I love watching movies, but I’m more of a cartoon person.

What do you feel every woman should know about love?
I think women should know that love is about the other person not finding your own satisfaction.
If you find it satisfying that you love someone, the point of satisfaction should not meet because the person loves you in the same way. People love differently.

What do you hate about women?
I hate women who think that everything can be achieved because of the way they look, especially fronting their sex appeal.
I think that every woman just like everyman has more than just offering sex to achieve certain things.