Sunday December 10 2017

No reason to cheat on her

Pants down. When men are caught cheating on

Pants down. When men are caught cheating on their partners, they come up with many excuses. Often, the man’s cheating is blamed on the woman, citing failure on her part.  

I have been wondering why men cheat and frankly, it scares the hell out of me because it has become like a rite of passage.
Ask a woman for advice after catching your husband/boyfriend/partner pants down and she will tell you it is normal or most men do that or that he is not the first man to cheat nor will he be the last. Well, this kind of thinking makes it hard for someone who believes that maybe there could be a good man out there.

Recently, I came across an article written by a promising young writer, a woman, claiming that it is the woman’s fault that her husband/boyfriend/partner cheats. Her reasons were clearly stated. First, weight reasons. You gave birth and ‘neglected’ yourself so you are no longer the beautiful sexy girl you once were. Secondly, you are embarrassing. Maybe you do not say anything right when you are in the company of his friends.
Thirdly, you nag. I find these reasons silly or should I say stupid excuses which do not pass as justifiable reasons. So I came up with a reason why your husband/partner/boyfriend cheats.

Stay faithful or get a divorce
Well, there is no reason whatsoever to cheat. Yes, I still maintain that. Do women nag? Sometimes, they might. It is not their fault. But if you cannot stand the nagging, walk away.
Are women moody? Every human being gets that way sometimes. Do some women ‘neglect’ themselves after giving birth? I hate this word ‘neglect.’ Who said it would be easy carrying a baby for nine months, enduring labour pain for hours? Sometimes a woman needs a word of encouragement not criticism.

There is no relationship which is perfect but in our imperfection, we find perfection. We have our flaws, I admit. But if you really have to cheat, divorce that woman or break up with her. That is respect.
No one said they will always be young and beautiful as you found them. They will grow old, they will wear ‘old people’s clothes’ and they will stop wearing makeup. It is a phase that must pass. Be prepared for it. The problem is the NGOs which prioritise the girl child but forget the boy child who is going to be the pillar of the family tomorrow. This girl you have prepared to be a good wife and mother meets this man who is unprepared and only knows to treat a woman the way his father used to treat his mother.

This is why I challenge men to love your woman and spoil her. If you have a daughter like I do, love her and know as you raise her, that she belongs to someone as a wife. I hope I am preparing my girl to be a good wife and I hope that you have groomed your son to be a good husband to my daughter.
Divorce is high, child sacrifice is high, abuse is high, diseases are many, but all the above can stop if I bring up my girl child and you bring up your boy child well, two well-groomed children, can help us get rid of that disease called cheating. I want to challenge all men out there to be responsible, be loving, be kind, be good to yourself and remember the seed you plant today you will harvest tomorrow.