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ON PARENTING :Being monster mummy

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By Min Atek

Posted  Saturday, December 7  2013 at  02:00

There are moments when I think my children think am the biggest monster in the world. I can see it in their eyes and expressions. When that happens, I remind myself that even once thought my mother was a monster.

It happens when I interrupt the viewing of a favourite carton or when I stop the running of a very interesting game. Sometimes it is when I switch off the television just as the movie gets to the most interesting part. I see it when I demand for a job to be re done for the third time running because things shouldn’t simply be done but done excellently, I see it every time I ask the young lady to go back and put the rug;in its proper place and in the right way as opposed to it merely tossing it on the floor.

I see it every time I ask the young man to sweep and then sweep again because many a crumb actually stayed under the table as he swept while stealing glances at the TV. I see it every time I demand that the bed is laid perfectly as opposed to simply tossing beddings in whichever direction one seems fit. I see it when I insist that all the clothes be picked from the floor and put in the right places.

I strongly subscribe to the notion that whatever one does let him or her do it very well. I believe that if one is a toilet cleaner, they should be the best toilet cleaner in the world. I believe that if I was a sweeper of compounds, I should do such an excellent job that everyone should always look for them to clean their compounds. I believe doing an excellent job takes people places. I have no shame in working hard and working smart. So I actually urge my children to do that and I also believe in playing hard. I believe in rewards but rewards after results.

Seeing the angry and sometimes exasperated expressions is not a piece of cake but I remind myself that it’s a good cause. I once made a child to bath twice and was later informed that the second bath actually helped the child sleep better. At that point I was consoled that this is worth it after all
Sometimes I remind myself of Jennifer Musisi; unpopular for many reasons including getting things done. I will soldier on because I’m sure that one good day, it will be worth it.