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ON PARENTING :Celebrating women’s day

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By Min Atek

Posted  Saturday, March 8   2014 at  02:00

My growing up and background made no emphasis on my being a woman. What that means in simple terms is that the environment in which I grew up did not look at me and place me in one place or another because I was a woman. I grew up with two older brothers and so many other brothers from other mothers but that was never an issue. I did almost each and everything that my brothers did including not only climbing tress, but climbing the house from many different angles. I really did not enjoy football or driving wire cars so that passed me by but it really was my choice.

For me to become fully aware of my being a woman or my womanliness only come up in my older years when I came across a work colleague or two who would point out how I could not do or say something simply because I was a woman. Quite frankly that was rather shocking for me to the point that I was actually not offended. Am not a feminist and am hesitant to draw lines but I really thought and believed that one is who they were because of much more than simply being a man or a woman.

So today we celebrate International Women’s Day. I’m not familiar with why it was started or what its actual significance is but I hope and believe that the person or persons who initiated it must have had good reasons. So let me take a moment to thank and pay tribute to the women out there. I particularly pay tribute to the women who are of sound social standing and yet are being battered and abused in all ways. The woman who cries many a night because the man she dearly loves does not care one bit about her feelings and wouldnot be bothered to know that the women is so sad and empty. I write for the woman out there who is so unfulfilled but hangs in there for the sake of her children; the woman who wishes and longs for another day and blindly hopes that indeed one day the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.

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