Saturday May 18 2013

ON PARENTING :Holiday blues

By Min Atek

“Mummy, what is the date today?’ He asked me in sheer anticipation before he sighed heavily. It must be feeling like its forever before school will begin again and my little man at home cant help wondering if the famous day shall ever come. It’s been two weeks into the holiday and on a very regular basis he wonders when school will reopen.

He informed me just as the term was ending that he was going to miss school and now, almost on a daily he reminds me how much he misses school.
I, on the other hand, cannot help wondering how the times have changed although when I think about it closely; maybe not so much. I don’t really remember missing school much in my primary school days but at some point I did miss school during my secondary school days. Then I missed my friends and all the school going activities which were much more fulfilling than staying at home which was not only lonely in many ways, but also quite boring

So I start to wonder; ehh you mean I have such a boring home environment that my son gets so so bored to the point that he deeply misses school? He says he misses his friends and his teachers, which I guess is a good thing but uhmm!

In the same breath, we have his older sibling who is not as enthusiastic about going back to school and I have not heard her even once saying she misses her friends. It is Interesting that these two fellows were born of the same mother and are exposed to exactly the same circumstances.
The older one once even suggested that I should go off with the smaller fellow and let her be alone at home…in her words, “He never listens to me!”So, I racked my brain and decided on a place to take the young man for the day, if only to give his big sister some much needed “me – time”, but as is typical of the female folk, no sooner did she hear of the developments than she changed her mind and decided she too wanted to go along, in her words, again, “…these days he listens to me!”

I’m not in any way looking forward to school resuming, but since wishes are not horses, there is no way I can ride. So, I look on sadly as the holiday passes fast, making every effort to enjoy every last bit of what is left of a blissful holiday.